Automatic transmission of Cycle Threshold Ct values for the Credo VitaPCR quick PCR instrument to LIS

  • One Zafena POC-Workstaiton can serve up to 4 Credo VitaPCR machines on one workbench
  • Transmits the VitaPCR measurement results including Cycle Threshold, Ct, values the to central laboratory system
  • Build in printout on thermal paper
  • Work with all VitaPCR firmware versions

The Zafena solution connects to the USB port of the VitaPCR and both use and store the machine generated RawData that contain the Cycle Threshold, Ct values, for quality assurance.

The results are transmitted according to standardized ASTM LIS02-A2, POCT1-A or FHIR protocol to fit with all common hospital central laboratory systems, LIS.

Transmission using HL7 are also possible on request.

  • SARS-CoV-2
  • Universal SARS-Like
  • SARS-CoV-2 Ct
  • SARS-Like Ct
  • SAC Internal Control
  • SAC Ct

The solution uses: One ZAF-552 POC-Workstation and one ZAF-525 USB-interface cable for each connected Credo VitaPCR instrument.

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