Quo-lab HbA1C

Quo-Lab® HbA1c is a semi-automated desktop point-of-care analyzer for measuring glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c). The semi-automated analyzer has been designed specifically to meet the needs of diabetes clinics and laboratories in settings that demand low cost of operation and ease of use. From a simple procedure, Quo-Lab provides lab-accurate test results within four minutes (CV < 3% at 7% A1c) from a venous or finger prick blood sample of just 4 μl. Quo-Lab uses the same boronate affinity methodology used by Quo-Test® HbA1c and is similarly unaffected by Hb variants. Step by step instructions are displayed on a clear, multi-lingual display. Staff training time can therefore be minimised and the opportunity for error is reduced. Quo-Lab HbA1c can store over 7,000 results internally, but can also connect to EHR/LIS/Middleware through The Zafena POC-Workstation. Alternatively, results can be printed using the buildt in printer in the POC-Workstation.

Product video

Quo-Lab has received its CE mark and is available for sale in most global markets subject to local registration requirements.

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