POC-Workstation [ZAF-552] – workflow automation and Personal Health Gateway

Zafena POC Workstation is a flexible, workflow automation, workstation that connects all desired medical meters , if the meter can communicate via cable or Bluetooth, to a common user interface. The workstation stores response history and can print the result on a receipt. The workstation can also communicate bidirectionally with journal and lab data systems, which means that a workstation can, for example, receive a lab referral and send the result to the patient record.

The product POC-Workstation ZAF-552 consists of: ZAF-502 Zafena Plus Screen (IT-Unit / The new connector), ZAF-505-2 Software on micro sdcard, ZAF-504 1D barcode-scanner, ZAF-508 USB cable, ZAF-509 network cable, ZAF-511 Power adapter and ZAF-130-13 Paper roll.


Zafena Plus skärm Hand-out EN 20210204

ZAF-552 Manual SE 20190710

Remote Patient Monitoring Project – Self-testing; Moving the hospital bed to the patient’s home

Zafena POC-Workstation – Workflow with cloud-based systems 20200804

Zafena POC- Workstation in Region Norrbotten PNA days 2019


POC-Workstation [ZAF-552], the “new connector” or “Zafena Simple Simon® Plus Screen” as it is also called, digitizes measurement results from meters / instruments that do not meet the market’s high demands for IT functionality and connection to central systems.

Thinking modularly gives greater flexibility and enables the maintenance of the meters / instruments, which the staff already know and are trained on. This opens the door to keep the instruments as long as they work and measure properly, which is good for the environment as well as the economy.

A modular solution also provides the opportunity to procure simpler meters / instruments that measure correctly, but do not meet today’s escalating IT requirements. The world opens up to save money by not having to buy IT-advanced instruments, as long as the meter gives its result digitally when measurement is completed, it can be connected to the Zafena POC-Workstation. This can be done via RS232 (Printer port), USB, Ethernet, Wifi or Bluetooth.

Your needs control the optimization of your workflow

POC-Workstation is a Personal Health Gateway (PHG)

With the Zafena POC Workstation, only a single connection to an existing journal or lab computer system is required. Everything connected to the workstation will automatically be connected to the central receiver system. Zafena POC-Workstation can be set to communicate via all standardized protocols, for example ASTM, Poct1A, HL7, FHIR and xml. The communication from the workstation to the central systems is recommended to be wired via Ethernet, but can also be done via Wifi or the mobile network. The advantages of having only one type of connection to all central systems are not only cost savings in the investment, but also savings in the administration of the entire instrument fleet.

Supports wireless Personal Health Devices (PDH)

The market for small, smart instruments, meters and sensors with Bluetooth connection is growing. The Zafena POC-Workstation (>version 1.5.2) supports, PCHAlliance Continua Personal Health Devices (PHD), Bluetooth, which broadens the product’s usefulness, even outside the lab, such as in doctors’ offices, wards, pharmacies and in occupational health care.

Monitoring of patients cared for at home is an area where care seeks with light and lantern for solutions. In order for IT in healthcare to provide savings, such a solution should not generate parallel systems to the existing ones that are already used today by healthcare professionals and handle patient data. Such a solution should be integrated into existing systems to avoid unnecessary administration costs that come with new parallel systems. The Zafena screen connects to existing systems, without the need for data to pass any special solutions. With the Zafena screen, it can be done from a patient’s home, without relying on any app on the patient’s mobile phone or the patient’s personal home network working.

Existing central hospital systems can be used together with POC-Workstation for monitoring the patient at home


Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 11 × 20 × 12 cm
integrated Zafena

Simple Simon PT
Simple Simon UA

integrated Hemocue

201+ Hb
201+ Glucose
WBC Diff

integrated EKF

Hemo Control
Diaspect Tm

integrated Machery-Nagel

Uryxxon Relax

integrated Greiner

Vacuette SRT/10

integrated Elitech

MicroSed R

integrated Terumo


integrated Siemens

DCA Vantage
Clinitek Status

integrated Taidoc

TD-4216 (Glukos, Keton, Laktat, Kolesterol, Urinsyra)
TD-4289 (Glukos, Keton, Laktat)
TD-4277 (Glukos, Keton, Laktat)
TD-3128B (Blodtryck)
TD-1107 (Öron temperatur)
TD-1242 (Distanstermometer)
TD-2555 (Vikt)
TD-8255 (Puls Oximeter)

integrated BerylScale


integrated Eurolyser

The Cube

integrated Orion


integrated LumiraDx

Lumira Tek C

integrated ITC

Protime INRythm

integrated Bobitech


integrated Boule


integrated Abaxis

Vetscan VS2 v1
Vetscan VS2 v2

integrated Horiba

scil Vetabc Plus (VET)

integrated Fujifilm

Dri-Chem Immuno AU10N (VET)

integrated Omron


integrated HemCheck

Helge H10

integrated Roche

CoaguCheck INRange

integrated Abbott

Afinion 2
Choletech LDX

integrated Sonmol

SMPF-1 Peak-Flow meter

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