HemCheck chooses POC-Workstation from Zafena for digitization of analysis results, as well as presentation of hamolysis levels

HemCheck chooses POC-Workstation from Zafena for connection and extended functionality for its meter Helge H1.

With Hemcheck’s concept Helge, hemolyzed blood samples can be detected quickly and easily directly at the time of sampling.
Hemcheck’s vision is to create hemolysis – free blood sampling and that no patient should have to be re – knitted unnecessarily due to hemolysis. With Hemcheck’s patient-specific hemolysis test Helge is now given the opportunity to take a big step towards realizing this vision.

Together with the POC-Workstation from Zafena, the instrument can be digitized and connected to the receiving LIS and / or EPR, but what makes it so also gives off a level of hemolysis.