Zafena digitizes instrument VitaPCR from Credo

Zafena digitizes Credo VitaPCR

Zafena POC-Workstation digitizes analysis results from the instrument VitaPCR from Credo. This provides structured, automatic transfer of results and CT values, Cycle Threshold, to receiving systems, which can be LIS, middleware or the patient’s medical record. VitaPCR from Credo has the ability to save analysis results on a USB memory that is connected to the instrument. Zafena POC-Workstation simulates that the connection is a USB memory, where in the workstation can see file change and read the results, package data according to standard and send it on to the receiving system. Zafena builds continuous, smart integrations to meters that do not meet the requirements for communication and IT support.

Each Zafena POC Workstation can provide connection and IT support to four instruments that perform analysis simultaneously.