ZAFENA AB, Norrbygatan 1, 590 31 Borensberg, SWEDEN
Phone: +46 141 40520 Fax: +46 141 40508

Welcome to ZAFENA AB

ZAFENA is active within medical laboratory diagnostics.

Our products

ZAF-101 Simple Simon® PT

Simple Simon® PT is for point-of-care (POC) analysis of prothrombin time (PT) expressed in INR (PT-INR).

ZAF-103 MixxoCap®

The MixxoCap® facilitates capillary blood sampling for INR determinations when run on the Simple Simon® PT Reader. The Mixxocap®;
1) Samples a precise amount of blood, 2) Accurately transfers this blood to the reaction cup of Simple Simon® PT Reader, 3) Can then be used to mix the blood with PT reagent.

ZAF-550 Connector®

Zafena Connector® is an IT-product for communication between Simple Simon® PT, and other near patient equipment, to HIS/LIS systems.

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